Business opportunities with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD in its acronym in English, is a Bank created in 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It currently has 71 member countries, in addition to two supranational institutions (the European Investment Bank and the European Union). The EBRD has expanded its geographical mandate several times, so that today it operates in 39 countries in Europe, Central Asia, and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

Its objective is to support the transition towards a market economy in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in Central Asia, Mongolia and in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, and to promote private initiative by financing projects in the private sector. and, to a lesser extent, in the public. The protection of the environment and the commitment to sustainable energy have also always been central to the EBRD’s activity. Recently, the transition to the green economy has become a key measure of the bank’s performance.

The Bank currently has open tenders (Open) and in forecast (Forecast) in different sectors where Galician companies can participate:

*Source: compiled by authors based on Development Aid database.

We mainly found opportunities for consultancy contracts, although supply and works contracts are also tendered in each of the prominent sectors: Water and Sanitation, SMEs and the Private Sector, Telecommunications, Transportation, Environment and Energy.

As an example we find consultancy contracts in the energy sector such as the Western Balkans Energy Efficiency Framework Program with an estimated budget of 1,450,000 euros:

In the water and sanitation sector we find consulting services in the open tender Surkhandarya Water Project: GIS and Hydraulic Modelling:

From SALT we offer an individualized Alert Service for Galician companies where we locate business opportunities tailored to the company and accompany them in the bidding process.