Compliance, together with sustainability, are two fundamental elements in any analysis carried out on a company. Therefore, it is no longer enough to know the income statement, analyze sales, products, profits to value a company, but sustainability and compliance have gained a capital space.

Today no one is unaware that compliance systems are a key element in the competitiveness of companies and that conditions and will do so more and more their access and success in the market.

This is so both in relation to private clients and to the administration.

In relation to the first: consumers or other companies, all of them are increasingly aware and demanding.

Companies that already have a compliance system will exert a dragging effect on other supplier or collaborating companies.

At present, it is necessary to incorporate and combine criteria of a diverse nature when choosing travel companions in the business world: it is not enough to have a good price or a good product, but also to present and meet criteria of sustainability and systematic compliance.

This is also the case with access to the tenders of the different administrations.