Procurement Plan of the African Development Bank for the year 2023

The purchasing plans of multilateral banks refer to the strategy used by these banks to acquire goods and services necessary to carry out their operations and projects in different parts of the world.

These purchasing plans are important not only because they allow multilateral banks to purchase the goods and services necessary to carry out their projects, but also because they promote transparency, competition, and efficiency in the procurement process. In this way, it is ensured that the resources of the multilateral banks are used effectively and their development impact in developing countries is maximized.

In this specific case, the African Development Bank has published its annual Procurement Plan for the year 2023. This plan is presented as a great opportunity for those Galician companies that are interested in participating in open bidding processes with this body.

It is important to bear in mind that this procurement plan is intended to sensitize potential Bidders who are interested in doing business with the Bank and learn what opportunities are available. In the same way, as it is an acquisition plan, these could be subject to variations. All acquisitions listed are estimated to be above UA (Units of Account) 50,000.