Practical course on European Union PRAG contractual procedures

For all those interested in expanding their knowledge of the contractual procedures that govern consultancy, work and supply contracts, they can access the English version of the PRAG course, known as “Practical guide to contractual procedures in EU external actions”, the which has been renewed to offer updated information on the fundamental procedures applied to public and subsidy contracts in the field of external action of the European Union.

With a structure divided into 12 different modules and approaches (“Why” and “How”), this course is aimed at the staff of the General Directorate of International Associations, both at headquarters and in the delegations, as well as external users, including authorities from partner countries, cooperation agencies, international and civil society organizations, among others.

Upon completion of this program, participants will obtain:

  1. An overview of the general context of the EU’s external action.
  2. Familiarity with the basic rules and procedures applied to EU foreign aid contracts and their implementation.

To access this course you can follow the following link.