The Xunta will use the public purchase of innovation in the energy and industry sector to promote green hydrogen and marine renewables.

The Xunta de Galicia has announced a new Public Procurement of Innovation program in the energy and industry sector with the aim of promoting green hydrogen and marine renewable energies. The Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, María Jesús Lorenzana, presented this program that will allocate a minimum budget of 5 million euros per project.

Firstly, the program will focus on strengthening the Punta Langosteira experimental platform, turning it into a technological reference for the development of floating platform prototypes and the exploration of renewable energy resources at sea. This supports the Galician Government’s commitment to offshore wind energy.

On the other hand, the initiative aims to promote innovative solutions around the green hydrogen value chain, including the production, storage and distribution of this energy source. The aim is for the technology developed in Galicia to be industrialized and marketed in Spain and Europe.

The councilor called for public-private collaboration and the participation of the research and development ecosystem of Galicia and the rest of Spain in the round of preliminary consultations with the buyer that the Xunta de Galicia will open to attract proposals.

In summary, the Xunta de Galicia is making a significant investment in Public Procurement of Innovation related to the energy sector, with a focus on green hydrogen and marine renewable energy, with the aim of promoting technology and industry in the region.