The first bidding process of the CABEI-financed Resilient Roads Program in Honduras (PCR-HN) gets underway

The Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transportation (SIT) of the Republic of Honduras launched the first bidding process for five highway tranches within the framework of the “Honduras Resilient Roads Program (PCR-HN)” financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), aimed at strengthening productive and tourism capacity through efficient and safe land connectivity that will boost the economic and social growth of our Founding Member Country.

The purpose of this International Public Bidding is to contract the services of specialized companies for the Rehabilitation and Improvement of the Danlí-Trojes Highway in the Department of El Paraíso, thus initiating this important Resilient Roads Program.

The rehabilitation and improvement of this tranche of the Danlí-Trojes road is 78 kilometers long and has been divided into three lots: Danlí-El Empalme, El Empalme-El Chaparral, El Chaparral-Trojes. In addition to the different construction items to be carried out, such as culverts, ditches, masonry works, bridges, signaling and road safety, involuntary resettlement, among others, it will include the implementation of an environmental management plan and the planting of trees for reforestation.

According to the schedule established for the implementation of this important operation, the works are scheduled to begin in August of this year once the bidding process has been completed with the selection of the companies that will execute the works.

Information on this bid is available at on the site CABEI Procurement – Procurement in Projects, which establishes the instructions and requirements for the participation of national and foreign companies that comply with the provisions of the base document.

In addition to the rehabilitation and improvement of the Danlí-Trojes tranche, the “Resilient Roads Program of Honduras (PCR-HN)” includes the intervention in the Ojo de Agua-Cantarranas roads in the eastern part of the country; in the Tourist Corridor that includes the road tranches from La Barca – El Progreso to Tela and La Ceiba, in the northern zone.  The launching of the bidding processes for these four road sections is planned for May and June, and construction works are scheduled to begin between November and December of this year.   

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