Global Gateway Forum in Brussels – Pioneering partnerships and key agreements

On October 25th and 26th, the Global Gateway Forum took place in Brussels, an initiative created by the European Commission and the European External Action Service in 2021 to help reduce the global infrastructure investment deficit. The event brought together prominent figures from governmental entities, financial institutions, and business sectors, serving as a platform for discussions on global investment needs, proposing solutions, and forging groundbreaking agreements. The initial sessions of the event were dedicated to topics covering green energy and hydrogen, research and education, critical raw materials, and the development of transport corridors.

Key Developments at the Global Gateway Forum

During this event, several significant agreements and commitments were made, representing a notable dedication to global sustainable development.

Education Initiatives

  • Strengthening the educational system in Rwanda: Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen, along with the Minister of Education of Rwanda, signed a €50 million agreement to support early childhood development.
  • Additionally, a €46 million contract was signed to further implement the Regional Teachers’ Initiative for Africa, reinforcing the commitment to enhance education across the continent.

Green Energy Commitments

  • Several crucial agreements were presented, including investments to promote the green transition in various countries.
    • Vietnam: The EU signed agreements for over €500 million to strengthen the Just Energy Transition Partnership.
    • Bangladesh: A commitment of €400 million was made to bolster the renewable energy landscape.
    • Cabo Verde: A comprehensive package of €246 million was presented to support green energy, sustainable transport, and digital connectivity initiatives.
    • Comoros: An agreement for €28.9 million aimed at improving national development and the Green and Blue Pact.

Critical Raw Materials and Transport Corridors

  • The EU forged strategic partnerships for critical raw material value chains, enhancing cooperation with countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, and Uzbekistan.
  • Additionally, the EU focused on improving transport corridors, with initiatives to support projects in nations such as Namibia, the Republic of Moldova, and Georgia, aiming to strengthen transportation infrastructure and economic stability.

Global Health and Bilateral Associations

  • A commitment was made to strengthen global health, with an additional €500 million signed to reinforce health financing partnerships, along with €134 million for health products and local manufacturing.

Bilateral Agreements and Partnerships

  • Numerous bilateral agreements were forged with countries like Mexico, Kenya, Senegal, Mauritania, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, emphasizing diverse cooperation in digital development, sustainability, education, and regional alliances.

The Global Gateway Forum has set a precedent for international collaboration, revealing innovative initiatives and commitments to foster sustainable development, strengthen education, advance transitions towards green energy, and consolidate partnerships across various sectors.

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