Conference II: Technical training in multilateral tenders

The Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia (CEG), through its International Tender Service SALT, in collaboration with the consulting firm Karine Brück International, held the Second Technical Training Day in Multilateral Tendering on April 25 in the assembly hall of the CEG in Santiago de Compostela.

The day was aimed at all companies in the Galician business community interested in winning contracts for supplies, works or services with multilateral cooperation organizations such as the UN, WB, IDB, AfDB, ADB, among others.

Attendees were able to learn first-hand about multilateral bidding search tools and will learn how to locate opportunities, submit expressions of interest, and prepare a winning bid. In addition, topics such as the legal administrative part, the technical offer, the economic offer and the global scandal of a financial offer will be addressed.

Specifically, companies acquired knowledge such as:

  • Where to find opportunities in the various Multilateral Organizations and International Financial Institutions such as the European Union, World Bank or the United Nations, among others. Companies were able to gather the practical information and tools necessary to filter business opportunities according to their interests.
  • Expressions of interest (EOI). The main process for opting for service contracts submitted to international bidding.
  • How to prepare a winning bid? Each international financial institution has its own procedure and it is essential to carefully read the entire tender dossier because it is prepared so that we can present our entire offer with the set of instructions and forms it contains.
  • Finally, conclusions and recommendations were addressed regarding access to multilateral tenders and a proposal for internal organization was shown to prepare offers in the event of a consortium with different companies.

Although these processes are a way of internationalization for the least known company, this day of technical training in multilateral tenders that the CEG organized was an excellent opportunity for Galician companies to obtain knowledge and tools to participate in international tenders with greater possibilities. of success.

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